16. The Call.

Ten years later.

It was wild ride of learning where I belonged in this world: what to do with my life, how to adjust to makeshift families, and how God saw me as His daughter. I learned that there is a time for everything. There is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. That is part of the human condition on this earth. Painful lessons must be learned, healings must take place, forgiveness freely given. God is my helper; He is with me always. I can do everything through Him because He gives me strength.

Some major life events took place. I went on to college to major in Education and minor in Psychology. Remember Max from the previous chapter? He was my knight in shining armor to whom I got married. We actively volunteer in our local church. At this time we have two beautiful little girls. I have been in the process of writing this book for over a year now.

Every once in a while I would share my story, and it fascinated me with how different peoples’ responses were. There were a few trends. Some were overwhelmed at the information and didn’t know how to react to me as person.

“Um. Wow. Alright, I have to go now.”

Other people were astonished that I had gone through something like. Turns out they had similar experiences and didn’t think other people could emphasize.

“You understand me!”

Still others were awestruck in how I can have perseverance to continue living, and not just an average life, but a rich, fulfilling life.

“Why didn’t you just give up a long time ago? What kept you going?”

And the response that infuriated me was this:

“How can that happen? Maybe your family really did some terrible things and is suffering as a result. Perhaps there were some hidden sins that never got confessed? Or maybe there’s a lingering curse. God would never let that happen to people He loves. Something’s not right.”

That mentality is alive and thriving in our community. And it bugs the living daylights out of me.

Now there are several reasons why I am compelled to take on this project of sharing my story. First and foremost, to give God the glory for how magnificently He turned my life around. No matter how messy or chaotic life can present itself, God can take it and make good come of it. Next, I want to bring awareness to the danger of narrow-minded religiousness that some people use under the guise of Christianity. Just because it’s called that, doesn’t always make it the real thing. Then, I would like to enlighten the point of suffering and trials on this side of eternity. There is a popular fantasy of having an easy, flawless life if one chooses to become a Jesus-follower. Not necessarily. Finally, I would like to make a call to action: learn to make good choices, regardless of how insignificant they seem, because they have tremendous ripple effects.

The following chapters will elaborate on these points.



**** The following chapters are no longer available in my blog. I am working on publishing the whole book and for obvious reasons need to remove chapters.