Roger Viver Trunk Show

On Saturday I stepped out of my vehicle and teetered tottered in my skinny heels over to the Roger Vivier department of Neiman Marcus.


My LBD was quite little and black, in fact, I only had one bite of breakfast and it showed! So, no more food for me while in that dress.

The table that was set up was absolutely gorgeous, and you can see here, if you just look past my markers, paints, water, water bottle, brushes, and shoes.


Roger Vivier is actually pronounced Roger Vih-vih-EH. Their shoes and handbags have the prominent buckle feature which I made sure stood out in all the fashion illustrations. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of my favorite illustrations, so mental note, have my phone available to take pictures! It was busy, and also my phone just got the new software update, which meant I wasn’t used to it quite yet, and taking pictures was taking 200% longer than usual.

These 4 images (above) are taken from the Roger Vivier website.

This was a quick warm-up featuring one of the heels.



The event had food, which because of my LBD I had to politely decline. But then I was shown a tray of chocolate. Chocolate SHOES. How could I not? So I politely accepted. Not just one. Or two. But three! One of each flavor, duh! My favorite was the caramel chocolate shoe.

Two more illustrations:

Clients sipped champagne, tried on shoes, got their fashion illustrations, and the lovely event came to an end. Several hours flew by just like that!